Born Perfect Caravan – Guinea-Bissau

Available data indicates that more than 52% of Guinean women between the ages of 15 and 49 have been victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Guinea-Bissau, a country located in West Africa). The Gabú Region, in the east, which is mainly populated by the Fula ethnic group, belonging to the Muslim religion, is the […]

Born Perfect Caravan – Mauritania

PROJET CARAVANE EN  MAURITANIE / DU mouvement Agir contre  les mutilations génitales féminines (MAC /RIM) I –  Présentation Je m’appelle Abdoulaye Falilou Ba, jeune activiste mauritanien et coordinateur du  mouvement agir contre les mutilationsgénitales en  république islamique de Mauritanie  (MAC /RIM) ! Depuis 2020, nous luttons contre les mutilations génitalesféminines en Mauritanie. Notre mouvement a […]

Born Perfect Caravan – Kenya

Seeing the horrible effects of FGM on girls usually fills me with rage BY KAMAU MAICHUHIE My name is Kamau Maichuhie, a journalist currently working for the Nation Media Group (NMG) here in Kenya. NMG the largest media organisation in East and Central Africa. Here at NMG, I write for the Daily Nation Newspaper, the […]

Born Perfect Caravan – Djibouti

I am a mother who has personally experienced the consequences of the pharaonic practice of FGM. My commitment against this devastating tradition began in the associative framework then evaluated in my professional life at Radio Television of Djibouti. Through this platform various actors shared their expertise on air by informing and communicating on the consequences […]

Caravane Born Perfect – Senegal

Je m’appelle Seydou Diatta .Je suis journaliste reporter chez Emedia Invest (Iradio –ITV/Sénégal) . Cela fait maintenant plus de plus de 15 ans que je me suis engagé dans la lutte contre la pratique de mutilation génitale féminine  et contre les violences basées sur le genre de façon générale au nom de la masculinité positive. […]

Born Perfect Caravan – Sierra Leone

My name is Alpha Kamara,a Sierra Leonean journalist and human rights activist. My colleague, Jonathan Omaru Junior, is a community radio station manager in Bonthe District, Sierra Leone. We both come from the two largest ethnic groups that are known for practicing FGM. We are also fathers to beautiful daughters whom we cherish dearly.The need […]