Zero Tolerance Day for FGM 2024

The 6th of February has been recognised as the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation since 2012. The aim of this day is to amplify and direct the efforts on the elimination of this practice.

“Millions of Girls are being Mutilated” #FrontlineEndFGM Nigeria 2023

This summer, Daniel Tamiyi Zamani from El Zamani Motion Pictures Production led multiple campaigns raising awareness of the devastating effects of FGM in Nigeria. The campaign began on the 20th of June, airing on Jordan FM 93.0, discussing the effects of FGM on young girls, and calling for government intervention by providing greater health education […]

Ending FGM Practice in Enugu State – July 2023

Dr Chris Ugwu, Executive Director for the Society of Improvement for Rural People (SIRP), harnessed GMC’s platform to amplify their ongoing work to end FGM in the Enugu State of Nigeria. SIRP organised training for youth, journalists and Community Gatekeepers in Enugu State aimed at soliciting support for an end to FGM in Enugu State, […]