The Born Perfect Caravan is a locally led movement powered by frontline organisations to bring an end to female genital mutilation in Africa​.

This campaign aims to visit every single FGM-practicing village on a powerful three-year mission throughout the continent. This flexible and mobile strategy is able to travel into the heartlands of FGM territory.   

‘Born Perfect’, the slogan of this campaign, conveys the simple idea that every girl is born perfect, and must not be mutilated. This idea began with a football campaign led by the Global Media Campaign in 2021 featuring international footballers advocating an end to FGM, with specific reference to their daughters.

Localised campaigns, ran by activists, survivors, religious leaders and local celebrities aims to deliver the ‘End FGM’ message to encourage communities to give up the practice and pledge to ending female genital mutilation once and for all.

As a locally led campaign, the caravan will use local influences such as musicians, sports personalities and religious leaders to change attitudes towards FGM. For example, the Malian singer-songwriter Fatoumata Diawara could perform on the topic of FGM, drawing attention to the pain and suffering it causes to shift the hearts and minds from a perspective locals can identify with

The first « Born Perfect » caravan will start its journey in West Africa on 16 June, 2024 to make International Day of the African Child.  It will be the first of many locally run caravans running -sometimes simultaneously - in more than 20 African countries, travelling deep into the heartlands of FGM territory.  

Local organisations in each country aim to ensure that every village on the  route of FGM practising countries is visited by their local caravan.

In countries along the caravan’s route, local women-led groups backed by international and private donors are busy preparing their Caravan’s route for this bold push to win over hearts and minds in communities that continue to ritually remove some or all of the external genitalia of girls, usually when they are reaching puberty.  

#FrontlineEndingFGM’s Caravan campaign starts its 48 hour stay in each village., gathering the survivors together in a healing ceremony devised by FGM survivors themselves using the “Tree of Life”- a now famous trauma treatment day pioneered and run by survivors activists.  This is followed by religious leaders,  chiefs and medics who arrive on the caravan calling on the village to stop cutting and sign the Dear Daughter pledge- pioneered in Somalia by the survivor led Ifrah Foundation since 2020 which calls on a village to promise not to cut their girls.

#FrontlineEndingFGM, which is run mostly by volunteers,  uses their scarce donor funds (less than  2  per cent of big donor funding reaches Frontline Women’s) to run consistent local grassroots campaigns). The born perfect Caravan will re-ignite campaigns in the grassroots, build it to a national movement and scale across Africa. 

Born Perfect Caravans

Local Frontline Ending FGM women’s caravans driving across Africa’s West to East Coasts. The campaign’s slogan ‘Born Perfect’, conveys the simple idea that every girl is born perfect, and must not be mutilated.


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Fatoumata's words

“FGM causes death in childbirth. One of the causes of death in childbirth is due to childhood, when parents decide to take away your flower, the beautiful flower that God has given you since birth. But because man believes he is more spiritual than God, he thinks he is stronger than God; he has to finish God’s work. Woman was born perfect, in my opinion. She’s perfect when she’s born, she’s divine. Everything in her has its place. Is in the right place.”

Fatoumata's story
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