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To Protect Women and Girls

Frontline FGM Campaigners take the road across Africa with the #BornPerfect Caravans from May 2024. Every village will hear from politicians, religious leaders, musicians and medics that gender-based violence from mutilation, child marriage to domestic violence must end.

The FGM Challenge

Every 10 seconds a girl gets cut, yet less than 2% of big donor funding gets funneled towards the most effective solution: volunteer frontline grassroots movements that instill true change. Your support for #BornPerfect Caravans will go directly toward training and empowering local activists, putting an end to Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of Gender Based Violence once and for all.

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The #BornPerfect Caravans

The caravan’s mission is to visit FGM-practicing villages throughout the continent to eradicate FGM through the coordinated strength of localised campaigns, activists, survivors, religious leaders and celebrities. 

During their stay, campaigners will educate the population on the health consequences of FGM and child marriage. The community is encouraged to sign the Dear Daughter pledge book. Critically, the caravan’s arrival in the village kicks off three years of cheap local radio campaigns.

Also on board the caravan are FGM and GBV survivors trained in Tree of Life trauma counselling. The caravan journey begins in May 2024 in Guinea Bissau and Mauritania.

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The Caravan


The #BornPerfect message tells the world that every girl is born perfect, and must not be mutilated, forced into child marriage or suffer any form of physical abuse.

The Global Media Campaign spread this message in 2021, featuring international footballers advocating an end to FGM, with specific reference to their daughters. #BornPerfect Caravans builds on that momentum by galvanizing locally led movements together to take this message straight to the frontlines, in a concentrated effort to end FGM in Africa.

Our Supporters

Fatoumata Diawara

Fatoumata Diawara, the world-renowned Malian international singer, songwriter, actress and activist is backing the Frontline #BornPerfect Caravans through her song “Bokolo” (FGM in English). Thank you to this legendary woman who herself experienced FGM for giving us the privilege to use her voice to promote the #BornPerfect Caravans and helping end FGM in Africa.

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Efe Ambrose

International footballer, Efe Ambrose, who has played for Scottish football clubs Celtic and Hibernian amongst others as well as representing Nigeria on the international stage in the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, backs #BornPerfect. We’re beyond thankful to have him on board as a major supporter of the #BornPerfect movement and key member of the movement against FGM.

Emmanuel Babayaro

A member of Nigeria’s gold medal winning team at the 1996 Olympics, international footballer, and Plateau United player Emmanuel Babayaro is a key supporter of the #BornPerfect and we are more than grateful to have him on board. He is an inspirational voice in the fight against FGM.

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