Lucy-Ann Ganda – Media Challenge Winner, Sierra Leone

Lucy-Ann Ganda is one of the ten winners of the Media Challenge, ‘Reporting Sensitively on Harmful Practices’ for her video on the work of grassroots organisations to fight the practice of female genital mutilation. Despite the dangers of FGM, the government of Sierra Leone has failed to criminalise the practice. Ganda calls for a law […]

Alpha Kamara & Jonathan Omaru – Media Challenge Winners, Sierra Leone

Alpha Kamara & Jonathan Omaru are two of the winners of the Media Competition: ‘Reporting Sensitively on Harmful Practices’ for their article on a family demanding justice from an FGM practitioner. Their report was a special for UNFPA UNICEF Joint Program on the Elimination of FGM, published in October 2023. Their report was published in […]

‘Reporting Sensitively on Harmful Practices’ Media Challenge

#FrontlineEndingFGM presents the ten talented journalists and winners to the Media Competition: ‘Reporting Sensitively on Harmful Practices’. This Media challenge, organized by the African Union, Spotlight Initiative, UNFPA, and The Global Media Campaign to End FGM, followed the capacity-building training workshop held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in August 2023. Congratulations to all the participants in […]

Born Perfect Caravan – Sierra Leone

My name is Alpha Kamara,a Sierra Leonean journalist and human rights activist. My colleague, Jonathan Omaru Junior, is a community radio station manager in Bonthe District, Sierra Leone. We both come from the two largest ethnic groups that are known for practicing FGM. We are also fathers to beautiful daughters whom we cherish dearly.The need […]

Zero Tolerance Day for FGM 2024

The 6th of February has been recognised as the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation since 2012. The aim of this day is to amplify and direct the efforts on the elimination of this practice.

2 Dead in Bondo Bushes

Cases of FGM are rampaging in Kambia District, Sierra Leone, resulting in two deaths within two days in the same chiefdom. Salaymatu Jalloh, a thirteen year-old girl from Kaybalor Village in Tonko Limba has been reportedly killed in the bondo bush after undergoing a female genital cutting initiation into the female secret society. The matter […]

Investing in Girls’ Rights

‘Safe Hand for Girls’ Sierra Leone has carried out several successful programmes across radio and television over the last few weeks campaigning against FGM. The State Radio, Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation, was used as a hub to simulcast across all SLBC Regional Stations across the country with the theme of the year: “Invest in Girls […]

Team Bombali’s Summer Cutting Report – July 2023

In July 2023, GMC’s funding to Team Bombali was used to hold an interactive radio sensitization to end FGM in the Bombali district. The sensitization went on successfully, taking place at Amzas Radio 96.6FM in Makeni City and simulcast with Radio Rokulan 96.1 at Sanda Chiefdom. The moderator, Saffiatu Kamara (a member of Team Bombali) […]