Team Bombali’s Summer Cutting Report – July 2023

In July 2023, GMC’s funding to Team Bombali was used to hold an interactive radio sensitization to end FGM in the Bombali district.

The sensitization went on successfully, taking place at Amzas Radio 96.6FM in Makeni City and simulcast with Radio Rokulan 96.1 at Sanda Chiefdom. The moderator, Saffiatu Kamara (a member of Team Bombali) led the topic of the discussion on FGM as a crime and the need to put education first. The team invited a series of stockholders in the district including Chiefs, Anti FGM activist, students and teachers. Kamara lamented that Bondo is a beautiful culture but this cutting of the clitoris is harmful and in violation of human rights.

FGM has no benefit in our society. Women who went through FGM have series of health implications especially during delivery and high risks of losing their babies.

Saffiatu Kamara

During the discussion, Chief Kapin Turay sent a strong message to his local chiefs in the interior villages to take action and sowies against those who initiate FGM on underage girls and report them to the relevant authorities.

Aminta A. Kamara is an Anti-FGM activist from the Kellie Foundation, and advised parents to stop forcing their children on the Bondo society. She also said that parents should put their resources into education, not FGM, because education will benefit them in the future.

The listeners sent text messages asking questions about FGM and its advantages and disadvantages, with many people starting to realize the negatives of FGM. The radio sensitization hit the project’s target of over 600,000 listeners.

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