Tana River ‘End FGM’ Boot Camp – June 2023

The Brighter Society Initiative (BSI Kenya) aims to end the “blame game” and increase awareness about the harmful effects of female genital mutilation (FGM).

The End FGM boot camp, funded by GMC, was conducted from June 2nd to June 4th, 2023 in Tana River County, Kenya. The training successfully achieved its objectives to equip participants with advocacy skills and promote community engagement for the eradication of FGM through a series of activities. The participants, consisting of community members, activists, religious leaders, elders and stakeholders, actively engaged in workshops, discussions, and practical exercises. Key topics covered included the global perspective of FGM and religion, legal frameworks and policies, communication and advocacy strategies, community mobilization, and data reach.

The training resulted in significant outcomes. Firstly, participants gained a deeper understanding of the harmful consequences of FGM and its impact on women and girls. They also developed effective communication and advocacy skills, empowering them to engage with various stakeholders. Survivor testimonies inspired participants and fostered a sense of empowerment, motivating them to actively work towards eradicating FGM.

Each participant developed action plans outlining strategies and activities to be implemented in their respective communities. These plans reflect the commitment and determination of the participants to effect change. Additionally, the training facilitated networking and collaboration among participants and trainers, fostering opportunities for future initiatives.

By equipping participants with advocacy skills and fostering community engagement, the training facilitates sustainable change. Participants will be better positioned to address the root causes of FGM, challenge social norms, and promote the well-being and rights of women and girls. The long-term impact lies in the ripple effect created by empowered advocates, who will continue to drive change even after the training has concluded.

Overall, the End FGM Boot Camp was a resounding success, contributing to the ongoing efforts to eliminate FGM and empower women and girls in Tana River County and beyond. The comprehensive approach, combining knowledge-building, skill development, and survivor testimonies, proved effective in inspiring and equipping participants to become effective advocates against FGM.

Sadia Hussein
Executive Director [Brighter Society Initiative BSI]

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