Annie Zulu – Media Challenge Winner, Zambia

Annie Zulu is one of the ten winners to the media challenge for her entry concerning women with disabilities who have been sexually assaulted, published in the AfricaBrief in December 2022.

These three stories represent many girls and women with disabilities who have not only been sexually assaulted but have also suffered in silence.

“When they report, in most cases, no one believes them; instead, they are ridiculed, and no one wants to be ridiculed. More sensitization is required for victims, law enforcement, and the community,” she said.

Bwalya Chilufya, National Coordinator and Activist of the Zambia National Association for Women with Disabilities (ZNADWO)

Zulu’s heart-breaking accounts of these women sheds light on the lack of information concerning sexual violence towards women with disabilities, and calls for action.

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