“Nothing on Earth Should Warrant One to Destroy Someone’s Life”

The Farafenni community calls on all mothers to prevent their daughters from undergoing FGM.

A series of radio announcements were conducted on the topic of FGM during the summer holidays, where cutting rates are higher as mothers have more opportunities to allow their children to undergo FGM.

On a radio interview with the newly elected deputy youth chairperson of North Bank Region, Aminata Koita spoke on the dangers attached to this harmful practice and called all mothers to stop putting their children through female genital mutilation. She also urged her fellow young female leaders to raise awareness of the dangers attached to FGM and to discourage their mothers at home.

One youth leader, Mr Lamin Njie, also urged mothers to prevent their children from undergoing this
dangerous act.

Nothing on earth should warrant one to destroy someone’s life

He also urged the cutters to stop looking at the small income they earn from this bad act which has no link with any religion.

Telephone lines were opened for public discussion, and in the first call, Mariama Manjang blamed the authorities for neglecting the law that bans this act in the country. He continued to advise women to stop this practice and accept medical advice from doctors.

The second caller Oustas Momodou Bah, an Islamic scholar, accuses the Islamic scholars that mislead people by relating Islam with female genital mutilation as Sunnah, which is untrue because anything in Islam that destroys human life is Haram .

The radio announcements called for an end to the destruction of the lives and happiness of young girls by rejecting FGM in the name of so-called “tradition”.