Joseph Kizza – Media Challenge Winner, Uganda

Joseph Kizza is one of the ten winners of the media challenge ‘Reporting Sensitively on Harmful Practices’.

His article concerns the importance of engaging men and boys as allies in ending female genital mutilation and was published in ‘New Vision’ on the 31st October 2023.

Kizza reports on an open discussion between stakeholders at the second International Conference on Female Genital Mutilation in October in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Activists worked with men and boys to convince them that FGM should not be the deciding factor in marrying a girl.

From Left: Rotimi Olawale, Leshan Kereto and Frank Leseketeti leading a breakout session during the 2nd International Conference on FGM in Tanzania on 11th October 2023. (Credit: Joseph Kizza)

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